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I'm new to Basehead, but so far I didn't manage to find something like a Playback Mixer which would have faders and pan slider along with solo (not only X-OR) and mute. Something simple as  Wave Agent by Sound Devices has. 

I see there is a QAP panel, but i can only mute and solo X-OR there, and can't control the routing.
For example, if I have a multichannel recording of a pass by car, where I use a mono mic for following the car on the 1st channel, and ORTF stereo pair on 2-3. I want to mute 1st channel and hear 2-3 as a stereo Left Right. But instead the 2nd channel goes to center (as i understand BH treat the multichannel as LCR) and i can't do anything about it. Folding doesn't help too. In wave agent I simply use a pan slider and can preview the recording before entering the metadata or sending to the wave editor. 

Also volume faders for each channel would be nice to have (with possibility to also add volume), as sometimes it's good to preview a mix of multichannel recording, again something what can be done in wave agent playback mixer.

I hope it's ok if i'm referencing to other software and hope it is doable in Basehead.  Or may be there is such feature and i just didn't find it?


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I am planning on adding volume faders to the QAP in the next major version of BH that will go up to 16 channels now.   
Not sure about panners though ATM as that can get tricky with Surround files with how our current mix matrix works.

FYI: This next upcoming major version will have VST3 Support so you should be able to slap one of many modern VST3 surround panners on the Process Panel if you want to get crazy with individual channel panning "in theory"?

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