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[Solved] Option for DnD to keep source filename rather than description


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When you drag n drop a file from the result view into your session, it keeps the original filename and ignore the option Use Description for Region Name (tested in Nuendo).
When you drag n drop a file from the waveform area with the DnD bar, the audio file is named after the description (also tested in Nuendo) which can cause very long filenames, and it can be very problematic in Windows.
You have to use the DnD Bar if you want the pitchSlider setting baked into your import audio file, so it would be nice to have the option to keep the original filename (and be able to also have the Use Description for Region Name).

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This is correct. 

When you drag a file from the result list what you are doing is simply copying that file to your DAW as the file exists on your HDD. Think of this as just copying from a folder. No processing is applied to the file doing this so the file is copied as "original" and the file name is simply copied with the file. 


When you use the DnD bar, SpottoTrack, Transfer or Taglist features this applies processing or the selection you have made in the WF window and uses the "Transfer" settings in the Rename panel. So if you select the Rename panel and in the Transfer section you have the description set as the file naming source you will have the file named using description instead of filename. 


I cannot recall in previous versions but in the latest version of BH there is also the option to limit the filename length:





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That's nice, thank you for the tip. I thought that the rename panel was only for offline renaming.


If you are using an older version of BaseHead (before the current 2020 version) you will note the rename panel is all a single panel. Just like you, I was always confused with what "Transfer" and "offline rename" actually were and I feel many were too which is one reason the rename section has been overhauled in new versions and the renamer is a lot more flexible. 

The Transfer panel just applies to when files are being "transferred" between BH and another application so setup how you want the file names to occur in that instance along with any other text you would like to include.


Adding this option to a new Transfer tab that's under Rename is super confusing, especially when it defaults to using description and being enabled, but overrides the the option for "Use Description for Region Name" back under the options page (there are too many places to set options in Basehead!) if it is unchecked. It took me way too long to figure out why "Use Description for Region Name" wasn't being disabled...