Move Welcome Page O...

Move Welcome Page Off of Results Tab & Add "Update" Function to PC Menu  



I'm looking at having to train a bunch of animators on BH in the near future and as such, I'm becoming re-attuned to some of the UI quirks that I normally overlook but that might trip up a noob. To wit:

Can you separate the Start Screen from the Results Page? When BH launches with the Start Screen enabled, the "Results" button is highlighted (suggesting that you're looking at the Results Page), but none of the other Results Page menus or panels are visible. In order to get all of the Results Page features to become visible, you have to either search for something or go to another page and come back. This is potentially confusing for a noob. 

Also, as far as I can tell, on the PC build, the "Check for Updates" command is only available within the program from the Start Page. If you've already closed the Start Page or have disabled it altogether, there's no way to initiate the update from within the program. The Mac build, OTOH, has it under the File menu.