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Ignore/Blacklist sounds in database


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Hey, is there any way to ignore/blacklist certain sounds/folders in the database? Let's say I have a sample pack but I don't like the sounds from library X. Can I exclude them from the database in a way, that they won't get added back when I rescan my imports? My current solution is to move them to an "unused folder" on my hard disk, but that gets pretty messy.

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No there isn't really a way to "blacklist" files, rather there are ways to add files to groups, collections or add notes/tags to the files you are more likely to use in projects. You could add a Feature Request to see if anyone else thinks the feature is a good idea. 

I was searching for this exact feature today. Personally, I'd be good with an option to manually add something like a .ignore file in a particular directory and have BaseHead simply bypass that directory on scan.

Best thing as suggested is to add a Feature Request so it can be upvoted/discussed. 

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