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FIle volume in DAW reflects volume slider in BH.


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The volume of the file transferred to your DAW (at unity) will be the same volume you hear in Basehead (reflecting the volume slider level).  Clip gaining down every sound sucks and using plugins to gain down is cumbersome. 

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The volume slider in BH does not affect the file at all. This can be tested by lowering to 0, the spotted file does not change. 

The level of a file will be the same level as the actual file itself, no change is done to the gain of a file within BaseHead, only the transcoder will convert the samplerate and bitdepth of a file or the summing function in the QAP can be used to sum channels together, but this is done without clipping. 

It is common practice to use plugins (often in the "Monitor" section of BaseHead) to apply volume adjustments to files being spotted on a project basis. 

Would probably need some idea of the feature you would like to see and the issue you appear to have??

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