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Feature Request: Drag to UCS category to assign fields


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The UCS category browser is awesome, thanks for the addition! As I gradually go about updating/cleaning my libraries' categories something I wanted to do immediately but couldn't was drag a selection of files over the Category/Subcategory to update their fields. This would be a lot faster than manually typing in two separate fields in the Details pane. 

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hmmmm....Phase 3 for Tagging was gonna be done in the Details Panel but then we need to have duplicate filter search code so you might be onto something with this.

Dragging and Dropping to the UCS tab might work instead.  I need to think about this for a few days cuz it's adds an extra step to the process but keeps UCS all in one tidy little place also.

BUTTT....keep in mind you would have never needed to type in two fields.  There would be a option to link them automatically

Just type this below and  arrow down and ENTER would right it to both Cat/Subcat when added to the Details Panel


Personally I prefer using the mouse as least as possible so I need to think about it more, but I don't think it would be too hard to add that in al as another option so I will +1 it also for now.  😉





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Oh I'm all for a mouse-free tagging experience, but the UCS tree currently seems to only be for browsing - if there's tagging functionality currently in it I'm missing it.

Not missing anything, tagging is not yet implemented for UCS, as is being pondered above it is deciding the best way to achieve (and what is easily implemented) so if you have ideas on how you would like it to work based on your workflow, now is the time to make a suggestion while it's in development. 


Chiming in - having only just started to explore the UCS Fields, I absolutely agree that drag and drop is absolutely essential, and probably the only way my library will ever become completely catalogued via UCS (something I very much want).

However, I'm reluctant to do anything that allows for bulk editing that may not be undoable. Is there anywhere in the menus or in the interface that we could have a bulk edit lock to prevent drag-and-dropping onto UCS fields? The last thing I want to do is be dragging a chunk of tracks into my DAW and accidentally let go over "Cartoon" and suddenly have to fix fifty records.

DnD Files onto ucs cat/subcat item should one of many ways to set ucs categories into a file. Maybe is not the best way for certain workflow vut sure can be useful for many users. Of course a confirmation window is needed in order to prevent unwanted tagging


There is no "undo" feature because I assume this would be rather complex given the number of files and operations involved but never impossible I guess.

BaseHead maintains database backups so one thing would be to keep a good db backup routine in place that you can easily restore from. 

Next thing is no data in a db change is ever written direct to files until you perform a "metadata burn" to update the files so in the case where you drag a group of files to the wrong category, if you realise immediately you would be able to just drag it to another category.

If you are doing regular maintenance (burning correct metadata to files) and of course maintaining your own file backups (as every professional out there should be) then any mistake is a few inconvenient minutes to reload your backup. In the case of just accidentally changing some data in the db, either batch change it back again, reload a db backup or just rescan the files for the import will restore the data so there isn't really a need for "undo" as you have to be pretty deliberate to make an irreversible change. 

I'm imagining the "nightmare scenario" the previous poster is talking about is maybe dragging a search result, which may have multiple categories within it, over to a DAW and accidentally dropping it on a USC category instead, thereby nuking multiple records.

Could maybe have a confirm dialog when adding to a category via DnD to cover this but always a tough one to try and protect every user from themselves 🙂

Ideally if the files have the correct UCS data in them you could simply delete those records then do a rescan and you are back in business, one good reason to burn in data when it is complete. Maybe a separate feature suggestion is needed to look into the possibility of undo actions but with the number of different actions you can do and the number of files involved I am not sure how easy that would be to incorporate.