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[Solved] (Coming in next major Version) Extract multiple individual channels


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Hey there, either I'm to thick or this isn't possible yet - I would like to extract individual channels of a multichannel file, say only L C and R or only Tracks 3-5 of a polywav.
Right now, I cannot find a way of doing this.
Extracting with shift clicking multiple legs of a file, or adding by highlighting/clicking or so would be great. Like that other SM app. 😛

Why do we need that: Say we want an LCR or only 5 legs of a 5.1 file, or want the radio mics from a location sound file.
Oh, and please with metadata intact (correct channel name from sound devices recorders etc.).


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Bumping this relatively older suggestion. There's a lot of use case for grabbing any arbitrary channels from a multichannel file.

Could probably just leverage the Quick Access Panel and make the buttons selectable with a ctrl+click or something. Not sure how you'd elegantly display the final channel order / routing, but...100% would love to have this feature included.




I'll add a vote for this, with one additional related plea to our @admin: please implement this feature so that it respects the status of the "Reference original" option. I.E. if "reference original" is enabled and all other requirements for sending original instead of transcoding are met (bit depth and sampling rate match the DAW's, etc.), then send the full original to DAW regardless of the single channel being displayed.


This would be incredibly helpful when editing dialogue, where we work referencing original production files whenever possible. This is also the default behavior in the rival program.


I'll add a vote for this as it has been asked in the past a few times and has been on my TODO list for at least 3 years but always get bumped by other things  8(

The work around is this key sequence.
3, T, 4, T, 5 ,T and then transfer them from the Taglist

I know it's far from elegant, but since it can be done in one shape and form is why it keeps getting pushed down the list in favor features that are missing fully and needed badly.  😉

When I add 12 channel dynamic metering and track names on the Waveform is when this will probably arrive also is my guess.

Hopefully in 2021 unless we decide to merge out PC and Mac codebases.  If we do that we might go dark for 9 months.  hehe  😉


This coming and is being built into the redesign the of the Waveform panel as top priority.   It's been on the top of my list for ages but we needed to unify some things before it can happen.  I will mark the as resolved as it's coming for sure without question in a future version.  😉