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Custom presets for the Search boxes -- custom search scopes  


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Let us specify/define our own combination of database/metadata fields to search from -- custom search scopes.


Depending on what I am working on -- whether I am cutting effects or working on production dialogue, etc. -- the metadata is scattered in such a way that the existing presets do not give me a proper scope for the search and the only way to do the searches I want is to search "All" -- which is highly inefficient and noticeably slower.


For instance, on this particular set of data/libraries, my ideal searches would all be in Filename+Description+Notes scope but it's not available. Would love to simply go in and define my own search scope, give it a name, and have it appear in the dropdown list next to search boxes.


One clean way to do this could be to add an entry in the same dropdown box that says "Make new search scope preset...". Or, instead of making custom presets, allow for a modifier key to be held while the dropdown box is open, and let us put multiple checkmarks next to the metadata fields -- could do it that way, like Pro Tools [finally] handles multiple list item selection... 

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YES! That would be super useful. I use the "All" field most of the time too, because I often want to search both in filename, description, comments, notes and keywords. So it would be great to great "grouped search fields" or whatever you'd call them 🙂