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CPM Feature Request: User Cloud Packs


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CPM is a very promising feature in Basehead. I think CPM should include user cloud packs in which any user can upload their sounds available for free just like freesounds.org. And if basehead wants also can charge for subscription for those who wants to use user cloud packs while providing royalty to their original owner or can provide royalty points to purchase or get discount on premium cloud packs. This User Cloud Pack can create a community of itself and would be very useful for professionals as well as newbies.

Pricing of UCP should be in such a way that it should be cheap incase of low bit and sample rate (16/44.1-24/48) and standard price for hd sounds (24/96-24/192).

I have lots of ideas and thoughts for this feature. If basehead community is interested I can share as well.😊

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Actually....an Upload TAB is already coming soon after the first release to allow you to create personal/private and public CP's that can be shared  😉
and for already authorized SFX manufactures it will be used as a portal to submit CP's to us also for release.

Also a BaseHead Community User Library is planned that anyone can add/submit sounds to for the community to use, BUTTT unlike the others....it will be curated and monitored for quality before they are added so it doesn't turn into a train wreck of crappy sounds.... 😉

We will be very picky on what gets approved for the User Library so we don't waste anyone's time going thru endless junk to find a few jems.
Andy and I both have worked in Hollywood for 20+ years each on films.  So basically...if we wouldn't cut it into a film...it won't be going into the User Library ... 8)

Since these are both already planned and going into production by the end of the year, let's hear everyone's ideas in these areas now so we can consider them before we start coding them.... Go!


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Here are some of my points for BaseHead Community User Library

1. Compulsory of uploading files with HD Audio (96kHz - 192kHz). [Must Have]

2. No audio watermark allowed. [Must Have]

3. Files should be completely royalty free. [Must Have]

4. Compulsory on uploading with an organized metadata having every possible details needed in it. [Must Have]

5. Other user can edit the uploader's file for more flexibility like description, markers (includes marker names) like an open platform 'wikipedia' but under the supervision of Admin. [Optional]

6. There should be special grouping for Multi-Channels (must be above stereo file) and Binaural Sounds. [Optional]

7. There should be categories like - Top Popular Uploaders, Top Uploaded Files Daily Or Weekly different In every Category, High Rated Sounds Daily or Weekly different In every Category. [Optional]


I will be posting if I come up with some new points.

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