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[Solved] Centered and bigger volume fader [Already Coming]


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I've been using BH for a couple years and I'd love to have a bigger and more prominent volume fader. How lovely would it be if it was positioned at the left side of the pitch slider, between the pith and the "Start" button? No need to be vertically positioned, it could be exactly like the pitch slide. 

In my humble opinion having a bigger and more visible volume fader right at your face would be a great time-saver. Having to reach a small space at the far right, clicking and waiting until it enables the zoom to only then being able to change it is not so handy when you need to do it a hundred times every day, not to mention those moments when an extremely loud sample gets you off guard on auto-play. 

Also, every time I click on the volume fader, before I set the desired volume the fader always go back to 100% or so before the change. I think this is due to the zoom engine. For example, if my volume is set to 50%, I can't reach the fader and just go down to 25%, because clicking on the fader enables the zoom and once the zoom is enabled suddenly my cursor is not over the fader anymore, so I first need to get the wrong volume to then adjust it properly. So if my volume is 50% and I click on the fader, after the zoom my cursor goes to the 100% position, so when I move the cursor it first goes to 100% (current position after the zoom) and then I can drag it back to 25%. Again, it's not the end of the world but it would be a way faster and simpler if I could just see a huge volume slider just like the pitch one and could easily drag it to the desired percentage. I know I can type the percentage, but having to click over the box and manually input the numbers every time is not so fast as well.

In other words, volume and pitch sliders looking and working the same, side-by-side. A shortcut (like the "ctrl + wheel") would be a big plus.

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Most of this is in the next major upcoming version due in 2023 that has a brand new cutting edge User Interface.

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Most of this is in the next major upcoming version due in 2023 that has a brand new cutting edge User Interface.

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