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[Solved] [Approved] Batch Rename Option for Un-Camel-Casing A Field


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It would be cool if this field allowed us to "un-camelCase" a field.

So if I had a description that was "CellarDoor024" it would produce "Cellar Door 024" (and then I could manipulate that further by Title Casing it or stripping out numbers or something if I wanted to). Ideally it accounts for words in all caps, so if I have something like an identifier from a library (like Boom's MACK for "Magic Construction Kit") could be ignored. Not sure if that blows the scope of the feature a bit too much though.



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This will come in the next major version of BaseHead since not too difficult to add.....Well I hope.  😉
When groups of numbers are involved with letters in them like Take numbers it might get tricky.  We shall see.  8)

Sign up for the BETA mentioned on the main general forum if you want to play with the early version of it.



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