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Audio while renaming description


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I would be happy if there were an option to listen to audio files while renaming the description. Why? My (winds) metadata are based on feelings, emotions, sound itself - and the best way to find the right words is to listen and write at once. But right now it's impossible - when the "Rename Description" window is opened, audio stops. Understandable, but I believe there must be a way to overcome it.

I'd be grateful for that!




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Oh yeah, I would really love if the file kept playing while editing the field, would be super useful! Jason, doesn't the file edit first happen when you press return to finish your change in a field? 🙂


I don't think this will be a possibility. Playback is stopped due to the fact that when making edits the file cannot be in use in order to make any changes. Although the changes to description areb only database changes there are other changes that need to write to the file so it is just easiest to ensure that when a change needs to occur, the file is not in use.

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I was thinking the same - the file is not in use until the description changes are saved (press return), the audio could stop for that moment. I know very little about programming, but I believe it's possible.