Pitch Slider change...

Pitch Slider changes (TEST ITEM)  



This is already planned for an upcoming version.

No need to vote for this.  It's just a test item on the forum until other posts appear to fill it up a bit

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Let's make this happen already! I'm dying without this functionality as I use the slider constantly 🙁


Can I ask what specifically is being test with the regards the pitch slider?

What I missing really with the pitch slider is that it restarts every time I choose next file to audition. It's really a headache to me because I wanna check multiple files one by one with being pitched down/stretched with a slider and it restarts each time... Same relate to PitchFx Axis. Also having PitchFx Axis being midi controllable would be just a heaven! 🙂



Locking of the main pitch slider is coming and will have 3 mode now.

1. SampleRate mode (the current way)
2. Percentage mode -100% to +100%
3. Semi-tone mode.  -12 semi to +12 semi

all three lockable on next record click to retain the position

also you will be able to type in values.

This is coming to the PC 5.2 BETA maybe this weekend and then we will add it to mac starting next week once we push out the last 5.1 for mac

Midi triggering has been on the list for ages and keeps getting pushed down.
Add it to the RequestBase and rally some votes for it to push it back up cuz I want it to to play with   😉



Wow, these changes look great! Thanks for a heads up. With a pleasure will post a midi thread.