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Hi guys,


first of all, congrats for all the new improvements. There is some really great things coming. By the way, what is the CPM ???

I'm working with some other sound editors fellows, and I'm lobbying against the Soundminer guys. We're brainstorming on functionnality we need while working on feature film or Tv projects. And they do not exist on both softwares.

1 - A prelisten routing. I always use the stereo/mono downmix, solo/mute in the matrix. It is very useful. But the next big thing would be to be able to route the channels in the 5.1 matrix, just for listening. The problem is when we get some field recordings, sometimes it contains different mono mics with stereo rig. It would be great to be able to route those mono mics to the Center, and the stereo channels to Left/Right or Surround. And even LFE why not (to test some low rumble driving sounds for example). The Cantar has some mixdown metadata in the iXml, and when listened through Majax, we can get the mixdown routing made by the sound recorder. We could use the same system maybe.

2 - search in Markers, that would be really great while tagging in long sounfiles.


I know you have a lot of work to do, but I think a lot of sound editors are waiting for this. Thank you guys, and keep safe !

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I've found what CPM is for ! 🙂


I've moved your post to the Requestbase as these are valid requests. 


In regards to the Mixing options there is an option to toggle the mixdown of field recordings which you are aware of, but what you are asking is to be able to selectively push channels to specific outputs or have it set to "auto detect" a mono/stereo mixture of channels and output to Center l/R channels? Not sure what possibilities there are to allow this or what the demand is but if it's possible and not complicated it may be considered when things aren't so hectic around the current features rolling out (such as CPM 🙂 ). 

Searching markers has been requested before so we may see this in the future if it's not too complex a job.

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Hi !

That's exactly what I tried to explain. 🙂 We're getting more and more multichannels files from production (Movie or Tv shows), and when we derush those sounds, the mixdown is often in 1/2, the first boom in 3 (sometimes a second one in 4), some lav in 5/6/7, and stereo in 15/16. It's just an example of routing choices. It would be great to route each channels at least in LCR to have an idea of the rendering. The Cantar iXml use a field to set this info. I'm sure it would be useful for a lot of users.

Good luck for the upcoming features !!!

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I've seen the new FOLD feature in the listening matrix. Maybe it could be integrate throught it. Thx !

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