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[Solved] (One added already and the other Approved and coming) 2 simple things I asked a while ago


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Hi, I'm a long time user of BH and there is 2 features I asked before on this same forum that I would really like implemented.

1- More choices of handle length. I don't see the point of choosing between 3 or 5 or 7 or seconds handles or the damn file! I'd like something like 5-10-15-30 seconds and 1-2-5 minutes as well. I have some really long production sounds, for example, that are 12 or 20 minutes that I'd like to send to PT with handles, but not the whole thing.

2- Speaking of production sounds. I don't quite understand why we can't select 2, or more, channels out of a multitrack sound. I'd love to be able to select them via the quick access panel for example. You know, Shift clic in the desired boxes?


Am I the only one that need that?


3 Answers

#1 As Jason said is coming in the next BETA late this week along with an option to solo in the center channel only.

#2  Is 100% coming and is being built into the redesign the of the Waveform panel as top priority.   It's been on the top of my list for ages but we needed to unify some things before it can happen.


1- This has been implemented and will be available in the next Beta release. When released please download and test this out and let us know. 

2- This has been requested in other threads and is on our list to look into, not sure when this will be implemented but is being considered. 

Thank you!



1. This is now available in the latest Beta for users to check out. See this post

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