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Poll: What are you Typical Advanced Searches?

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Soooo...I am in the middle of redesigning and streamlining the search bars and would like to know what a typical complex search you might be doing in a day with Advanced Search Mode AND how often?  Do you use 2, 3 or all 4 search boxes?


1. Example: show me something you might do like this


2. AND more importantly also tell me do you save these things as Favorite Searches to recall later or usually a one off thing you set and discard

3. Also let me know many times a day do you do a search like this also?

4. Do you leave your 4 search boxes set mostly the same all day or do they change quite a bit during the day?

I'm looking to streamline things with less clicking and less changing of combo boxes is why I'm asking as I'm sketching out some next level search stuff right now.  I also want to make sure you current workflow won't be affected.  8)

Let me know AND keep on topic please.  😉