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New CloudBased Floating Network Licenses now in BETA

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So we have CloudBased Floating Licenses working in BETA now.  This allows you to leave the dongle at home and access your license from anywhere now. long as you have internet everywhere you work.  😉
If not then this license container is definitely NOT for you....hehe

For those that this is made for.....We built this system from scratch so it will integrate with the existing new .key file system and you can jump between License Containers on the 'My Licenses Page' from "Cloud" to "USB Device" to "System Drive" binding to "iLok Binding".  It's super flexible cuz a License Container is just a container.  You choose which to use!

What if I leave my Cloud Session running at home and go to work? 
No problem!  On the 'My Licenses Page' you will see a button to force kill the current running copy and the launch a new session at work. 


You guys are gonna dig this I think.  8)

Of course CmStick users can't jump at will between license containers like the .key users but we can move you off the CmStick if you want no problem.  Just Ask!

If you are interested in testing this so you can move your license to a "Cloud" container, from a device bound one, send me an email to licensing 'at' baseheadinc 'dot' com

FYI: We will give you am extra test license to use for now so you can fall back on the old one in 5 seconds in case of issues during the testing phase.  😉
hit me up if interested!

-Steve T.






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