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[Solved] Duplicate name

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I am having some of my samples name being duplicated. Is there a way to avoid this? 



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First you need to confirm if the duplicate is a duplication in the database or the same file from different folders in your collection? 

If you check the PATH field for each file is it exactly the same path or different? 

Be sure to check through the manual as there are a lot of useful tips on using BaseHead and its many features:

On this page is a rundown of the database options available:

Specifically this may help: 


Remove Duplicate Records
Will remove entries that are the oldest when two or more of the same are found in the DB with the same name at the same [folder] or [path].

If that makes no change then you can also try a rescan of your library or the option to "Remove Offline Media" which will remove all records that no longer physically exist.

If none of these work I would be suspecting it is a duplicate file in different locations but if you feel there is an issue after this, open a ticket and attach your database along with an example (screenshot) of the duplicates.


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