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CPM Updated Info

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So the CPM is firing back up now....
You need to use the latest BETA's to get it work as lots has changed.

Some info.....
If your Maintenance Period Expired in the last 3 months email cpm 'AT' baseheadinc 'DOT' com for a 50% off M.P. Extension code so you can use this latest version. OFFER GOOD UNTIL SEPTEMBER 15th

When you Login you'll need to Select the closet server to you now as we have have 3 now.  😉
U.S. Europe and Asia.

All files are now FLAC on the servers, but we haven't pushed out the FLAC to WAV convertor for the folks that need to have WAV.
If you transfer from BaseHead it will convert to WAV for you no problem.  The upcoming convertor is only needed if you want to Download any Purchased Packs.

Name Change
The executable used to be named CloudPack Manager and could be launched separately.  We needed to simplify this and decided to run it as a 2nd Engine to BaseHead now that is launches whenever Logged in Automatically now.  It's new name is just CPM and runs as a subprocess and located in a new location. If you see the old named one anywhere on your system toss it in the trash to avoid conflicts.

These Below Vendors are still not up as of typing this...

BOOM Library
Pole Position Production

They should be up soonish.  It's massive task to convert from WAV to FLAC and sync it across it's new home of 3 separate servers.
In the process we re-did lots of internal working for things we've learned over the last year and extra safeguards and future proofing so we hopefully never need to go down again again if it does it shouldn't be for near as long with all the new tech we built into it now.

You'll need to re-add all CloudPacks to your databases to get them to work again so they point to the new servers also.  😉

If you find any dead images or databases when playing around with the new BETAs also send an email to the above e mail also.



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Posts: 550
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The CPM Master Database Search is now working in the Updated BETA's just posted.

Have a good weekend everyone!  😉


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