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[Solved] Batch Rename Description from F8 Metadata

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I need to rename many location audio recorded with Zoom F8. The description Field is like in the picture I attach

Captura de pantalla 2022 05 13 a las 9.28.22

And I would keep just what comes after zNOTE= using batch renaming. Some suggestion on how to build up a set of rules in order to do it? What comes before zNote is always different.


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Not really possible to do what you want within BaseHead Rename panel since the text you wish to remove is different between files and you need part of the string to be kept, this would really need regex rules which is not something available within BaseHead currently. 

What you would need in a Regex expression is simply something like this: 


However if you are not farmiliar with how to use Regex you may need to do some basic tutorials because it's beyond the scope of explination here, just in simple terms: 

(zNOTE=) = This matches this exact term between the brackets

.* = The period indicates any character and the * is a modifier wildcard that basically says match ALL characters

This regex command will, however, return EVERYTHING after the zNOTE match so if there is additional stuff after it, that would also be returned so if that is not desired you would need to set the termination character of the string.

Now, even tho BaseHead cannot do this directly what you CAN do is export all your metadata to a CVS file using the Text Export option. you can then open this in any editor (such as google sheets or Microsoft Excel) and use more advanced text editing tools to filter and format what you need. This is how most people do larger and more complex operations. 

Once the text is edited to how you want, you can simply do an import of the text file and this will replace the metadata in your database. 

Once your database has been updated and you have checked the data and are happy, you can then write all that metadata back into the files to update them (of course you would make a backup of your files as you do this just to be sure if anything goes wrong you do not loose your metadata).

There is a detailed video and examples on how to do this here:


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