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BaseHead 2021.1.26 BETA (Categories Tab Added)

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This version brings in more CPM Master Database Search improvements and now to go along with the CatID (UCS Importing) is CatID Template Cat/Subcat browsing.




Whack the CatID button at the top of the PeekTree now to see this new Tab/Node dedicated to the selected CatID Template on the Option Page.

IKnow Issues: I'm in the middle of doing changes for the PeekTree as you will see immediately and The Playlist node needs to be double clicked to open/close in this version for some strange reason I can't figure out still.

Things added since the last release...

    • New Major Feature: CPM Master DB 
    • New Major Feature: CatID with a UCS Template added:  UCS import priority can be adjusted on the Chunks Panel
    • New Major Feature: CloudBased Floating Network Licenses
    • New Major Feature: CatID Tab for Browsing/Searching by Category.
    • Search: Browse Arrows Height/Width fixed
    • UI color panel unification in progress so let us know if any colors are wildly out now.
    • BaseHead Server: Error fixed caused by non-ASCII chars
    • BaseHead Server: ‘Add’ with CPM the issue fixed.
    • CloudPacks: fixed issue with icons not shown in M and L widths
    • CloudPacks: Disabled “Localize” context menu for Free Packs as it was never allowed.
    • FTS fix done for new Databases
    • Demo Mode fix done when USB Missing Device window appears.
    • Fixed: Some hidden commandbar buttons were still clickable in taglist and browser tabs
    • Results List: Multi-select drag issue fixed 
    • Fixed: Disabled thesaurus matches were causing BaseHead to crash if searched
    • Font/Size: Moved from Options Page to Results List right click header now since only affected the Results List anyway.  The same control is coming to other pages/panels soon also to give you more control..
    • Improvements done for first time users launching it the first time.
    • Browser Page: Metadata viewer works on this page also now.
    • Wwise: Settings icon reverted
    • PeekTree: Icons added to each node.  Not sure if I will keep the colors yet.  Still playing around with ideas  😉

Download Link:


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