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I have bought basehead for one year. It has become my main sound design tool, but there are some problems that always bother me.
1 search delay I have more than 50000 files in the database. When I search, I always spend a long time waiting (I open enable RAM Database)
2. Lagging After several hours of use, basehead will always become stuck. The problem can be solved only by restarting
3.Function suggestion: I like to use group instead of category to manage files (because I can customize the name and color of the group), but the group cannot create a subordinate menu.

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Prob best to open a ticket and include some details: 

Firstly, what version of BH are you running? 

1. We have tested the search and database functions on libraries with over a million records and latest versions that include RAM and FTS indexing have tested out to be very fast, less than 1-2 seconds on such large libraries so would need to know if you have any of the FTS indexing options on, if your database is on a local machine (should never use from a server location or from a cloud based folder) and exactly how long a "long time" is for you. 

2. Would need to know your OS version and BH version as I am not aware of any similar reports to this. 

3. No idea what you mean here. Groups can only apply to single files and of course categories are the best way to manage and sub-order records. We hope to one day improve the flexibility of groups but for now you have metadata and collections that can fill in as ways to filter records. 

If you have not already done so I would suggest first updating BaseHead to the latest version and also doing a preference wipe to get things working from new and see if this improves any issues. If not, gather the debug log and as much detail on the issues as possible and create a ticket.

Info on preference wipe and other helpful FAQ topics for mac:


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