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macOS 12 Monterey Info

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We have been working on some UI issues in this new version of macOS all week and should have them ironed out before weeks end.
If you are thinking of updating from Big Sur and already on the latest version of BH you should be fine minus a few quicks like the Detail Panel width is not recalling on next launch for some strange reason.
Overall this update seems to have broken the least amount in BH we have seen maybe ever, but I have thought that once before and regretted it ...hahaha...sigh

If anyone already took the plunge to Monterey already please post any weirdness you find on this thread as it's a large program and hard to test it all as you can imagine! 8)

Stay tuned for more updates on this!
Steve T.

p.s. We still prefer 10.14 for the least headaches with audio system and we always suggest users to stay on that as long as possible if they can.  😉


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