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BaseHead Mac 2021.9.07 BETA

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New BETA for mac as we do more CPM fixes.  It's near ready to be re-launched

other changes....

  • UCS v8.1 Template now included
  • Big Sur/10.13  Removed old custom checkbox style since out of alignment on Big Sur but in exchange will look bright on 10.13 when unchecked but since more users are on 11.4 now then 10.13 we have to go with the newer OS on this decision.  😉
  • Removed 100k file import limit that bled in from an upcoming version into the full versions by accident….DOH!!  8)
  • CPM: has option to ‘Localize’ as either BWAV or FLAC now. (In progress still)


Download Link:   NOTE: for macOS 10.13 and higher now


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