UPDATE: you can get the first compatible BETA right now now on the Mac Community Forum.  
UPDATE2:  A 2nd BETA was just posted on the forums
UPDATE3: a 3rd BETA is up also now and looking damn good now  😉
UPDATE4: first official version now on the main downloads page
UPDATE5: build 2020.12.103 should be 99% complete noW!

We installed the final release version of Big Sur and here is what we have found to save you some pain….

Old versions of BaseHead will NOT run on this version of macOS cuz Apple changed the internal version naming scheme so BaseHead thinks you are running an OS made before macOS 10.10.  We have already fixed that including 55+ other graphic issues and we already posted a solid BETA v2020.11.93v3 already on the Community Forums.

FYI:  Overall this OS really feels like existing programs are running on an emulation layer.  REAPER and Nuendo and Pro Tools all launch and work but have very laggy graphics now.  Especially the meters and time display you can notice this immediately or even just dragging windows around feels a bit Chunky Munky now compared to before.

My maxed out top of the line Intel based Mac Mini that that ran smooth as butter before feels 4+ years old now in 11.0 …..ughhhh
At this point we do NOT recommend audio professionals to upgrade to this OS TBH.
In fact Catalina (10.15) is such security nightmare that we suggest to our Mac users to upgrade to Mojave (10.14) at maximum and stick on that if possible, but hey that’s just us. 😉

 Personally I would wait till Apple Silicon M1 systems come out that can run 64GB of RAM before even thinking about going to Big Sur. 

We will be updating this post as the Big Sur battle continues so check back often for Updates!

Current Known Issues:
– Scrollbars overlap a column on the PeekTree

NOTE: Apple Silicon M1 chips are not tested yet.  This will happen in early 2021. 😉

Estimated Big Sur compatible Release version:
The Current version on the Mac Downloads Page should be 99% compatible now!