Remove the limits and upgrade your version of BaseHead!

You are currently using the Creator Edition with a limited feature set, but what did you really expect for Free?    😉

Below is a list of feature disabled compared to the Lite Edition…

  • Limited to returning only the first 6,900 ID’s in any Database
    (CPM files do not count in this case and you can add as many of those as needed)
  • Advanced Search Modes
  • Deep Character Searching
  • Limited to one file transfer at a time
  • Channel Extraction and Sum2 Mono (Need to check on both PC/Mac)
  • Target Naming Options
  • File Reversing (I need to decide if should kill “Q” also….hmm
  • ReWire and Source Nexus Support
  • Database Hot Swapping
  • Renaming of Descriptions in files
  • Browser Page
  • Higher Transfer Sample and Bit Rates
  • The PeekTree Paths Node
  • Results List Snapshots
  • Ability to Edit in an External Wave Editor
  • Server Add-on Support
  • M/S Decoder
  • UCS Importing
  • PeekTree Settings











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