Here’s a quick list of some of the new features that are “Options” in classification

User Definable “Spot with Handles”:

You can choose from 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 second handles now when using the action “Spot with Handles”
The old full handle option is still there also.
Supported DAW’s are Nuendo/Cubase, REAPER and Pro Tools for this feature.

Retain Dimmed Records:

You can turn this option on if you know you might be searching for a while to indicate what files you have auditioned already.  You can turn it ON from the Options Menu.

Below the Results Tab you will see an green label number count growing larger for each record you have clicked on.  To Reset it back to 0 simply click on it…8)

(click on the image to right)

Reference File When Possible:

The oldie but goodie had to be removed in version 4.x when all the transfer code was gutted and re-wrote.  It now makes it’s GlorYes!  return.  Yay!

When RFWP is ON you can tag and spot files lightning quick cuz no copying OR transferring OR sample rate conversions are being done.  The key word here is “when possible”.  If you select a region then the region needs to be copied to a new location cuz it needs to live somewhere. 

Who is this for?
It’s ideal for people cutting ambiances knowing most all there files are the same sample rate as the DAW session.

NOTE: this option can also be turn on in the QAP (Quick Access Panel)

It Spell Checks Searches now:

if you are horrible speller like me, you will dig the fact that BaseHead will help you spot and fix your mistakes and make suggestions now before you press the ENTER key to search just to return a whole lot of nothing…. ;-0

NOTE: This can be toggled ON/OFF from the Options Menu

Auto-Complete Editing: (Details Panel)

We already had Auto-Complete for the search boxes.  Now the same tech will help you while metadata tagging your files to help save you some keystrokes.  It will look for the similar values for the current [field] you are typing into and give you suggestions to select.  Now you won’t have to type your full name in [designer] over and over for every new sound you create in the future  😉

Anything to postpone your future carpal tunnel syndrome is a good thing right?

Browse Arrows/Searches are Link-able:

Now you can link the bottom two browse arrows to filter off each other.  Just click the link icon that is between them now to enable this new mode.

The image to the right shows the difference when clicking the Browse Arrows when linked compared to un-linked.

In this case when while browsing [directories] linked (the bottom image) it only shows values with records that also have “GR2” in the [category] field also.

The top image is un-linked hence it showing many more Directories when browsing. 

Also! the Browse Arrow are linked now to ‘Imports’ ‘Groups’.
So if one of these is focused or hidden the values will reflect the same in the Browse Arrow popup boxes..