BaseHead 5.x Mission Statement.

As many of you know by now, there is a new version 5.x is on the horizon.
It’s soft Release is Oct 1st and official release is Oct14th.

This with be the very last major release of BaseHead Ever!
Don’t freak out just yet though…hehe
From now on, instead of waiting 2 to 3 years for a new version, we will be releasing .1 upgrades more often instead of Monolithic 4.x, 5.x, 6.x etc….versions.  Currently there a bunch of great features we have had working in the 5.x betas of over two years, but unless you’re using the beta you haven’t been able to play with them yet and this is what we aim to stop with this new game plan.

As of now, 5.x for PC users will officially drop around October 1st and anyone buying a NEW 4.x PC  license from now till then will indeed get a free upgrade.  The newsletter that was just sent also explains who that just recently purchased a NEW 4.x PC license that will be entitled to a free OR 50% off upgrades.  The macOS version “should” come around 4 months behind it hopefully, but a macOS version of 4.x running on a 5.x license will be posted near release for people that need to use both platforms.

Once we get both these versions to a 5.0 release, we will try to keep both platforms in sync releasing 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 etc… at near the same times for both platforms.  A feature will go in the PC version and the same week it will go in the macOS version.

The plan is to keep BaseHead constantly evolving and morphing now! by doing these smaller steps in sync.

In 5.x we will be giving everyone a 12 month Maintenance Plans now out the gate instead of only a 2 to 4 month window to get a free upgrade like before.  When it comes to renewing it we will offer higher discounts for anyone that chooses an auto-renewing options.

IMPORTANT: All licenses sold up till now are a Perpetual and will NEVER time out or die!
You own the license and it will work forever!

It will just stop getting the latest updates and bug fixes when the plan is expired and tech support will be lower priority compared to people with active plans.
Only EDU’s and people on special Terminal subscriptions they bought direct and not from the store have licenses that will expire.
So stop panicking people! 😉

In the future we will change versions numbers to 6.x or 7.x for major database format changes ONLY now and if your Maintenance Plan is active then you will be be able install and run it with your current license. Keeping your Maintenance Plan current is the best way to ensure you have all the coolest/latest features, bug fixes and keep the project moving with momentum.

Also….Subscriptions will be offered on near the release day with a few different options including rental plans.
If you don’t like subscriptions, NOT to worry! you will still be able to buy BaseHead out right and it will never expire just like it works now.
These cheaper terminal style Subscriptions will be offered for people on a budget or for people that only need BH for XX months OR for people with a fear of commitment….haha!

I myself quit my job as a Hollywood sound designer this year to commit and work on BaseHead full-time now.  I have new team of great cross-platform coders now working with me to push BaseHead further and further.  Thanks for supporting the BaseHead Project over the past years and in the future on our forever quest to plain and simple……Slap the Sh*t out of the Competition!!  ….haha  😉 

Steve Tushar