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when importing a lot of audio files, I often blow my ears when I forget -10dB or DIM. It would be great if we could link a clip gain process to DAWs.

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Would possibly need you to explain this problem you have in more detail but a solution possibly already exists in BaseHead. 

If you are talking about the fact you are increasing your volume to play quiet files in BaseHead and forgetting to turn it down again when you switch back to DAW (or your DAW track is levelled at a different volume) then possibly you want to make use of the Process Panel "Monitor" section:

This is designed so you can load a compressor/expander/limiter or whatever VST effects you want to apply to the playback of files without affecting the audio when transferring. So you can load up something that can level your audio within BaseHead but not have it affect the file when sending to your DAW unless you engage the "Process" (Prcs) button then it is also applied when spotting or copying a file out of BH. 

If this isn't what you are after I would need more info on the situation you have. 

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Thank you for the quick answer.

I'm actually using the process Limiter option to fix the problem, but this isnt a viable option because it's affecting too much the audio file

In Protools, the clip gain is like a metadata (maybe this is nonsense i'm not a programmer sorry) because you can convert it to real Mixing automation, you can change it whenever you want and it wont affect the clip. It will just affect his clip gain value.

The point is you can always come back to the original file with just a single clic. 

If that "clip gain" was available in Basehead for example in the Process tool, changing it before importing and after importing would make no difference because it would be available in pro tools.


If that's still unclear I can try in french. Thank you for your time 🙂 


Ok, yeah unsure about that as I am not a PT user and that sounds like a PT specific feature. I guess if there are others that understand this and would vote on it maybe it could be looked into, but not sure if that data is written into the files and/or if it is even readable by other applications. Certainly not a request/issue I have heard of before. 


Sorry this is impossible as Pro Tools doesn't have a proper API to set Clip Gain OR anything remotely cool like this.
It can barely send clips with region names with an offset to PT.....hahaha
It only allows 1 function with 4 parameters only using completely ancient technology.

Nuendo could do it no problem, if we coded it, cuz they have dozens and dozens functions like this accessible to us, but not Pro Tools. 
We have been hounding them to make a modern API for over 15 years but they just seem to care less.


Sorry man!




Wow! Hell Froze Over and Avid actually released a new API for Pro Tools after like 20+ years. (No not joking)
and it does more then 2 functions this time.....haha

We will look at this closer once we get the new version of bh near a release as we are slammed with the re-write at the moment. 8)


Since AVID created a new API that I think can do this I re-opened this for voting now.


Thank you for sharing your ideas. Here I have learned a lot of things from this post and appreciate your innovative thinking.