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Add multi Destination in Batch Rename window

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Only 1 destination DB[field] can be edited in 1 action in Batch Rename window.

Is it possible to edit a few different DB Fields at the same time in 1 action?

Also it's necessary to make the window scroll-able horizontally. Have to resize this window all the time at the moment.


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I'm on 2021.6.25 mac version.

Yes it will do the work with many clicks and a few presets. But I feel it becomes cumbersome when doing repetitive renaming, for example rename library, category, sub category, location, microphone in a batch. The more fields that need to be renamed the more clicks will be required.

Maybe move each Destination under each Source make more sense?

"Source -> Field -> Process -> Destination"

Also replace Presets window with a pull down menu and move it to the top of Source window. This way we don't have to scroll/resize the right side bar.

Just my thoughts, thanks.


In regards to database destination fields, not sure it is common to have a need to write the same data to multiple fields at the same time? Can you offer an example of where you would need to write the same data into multiple fields? For the occasion it is needed you can of course just change the destination field which will add a couple of additional clicks but I feel it may overcomplicate things allowing multiple fields to be set for destination for the edge cases it would be useful. 

If it is for the case of having multiple sources to multiple destinations then that is possibly a future consideration but presets can often make fast work of this kind of thing and it could get messy/complicated using multiple source and destination maps in a single batch process.

With the side scroll request, what version of BH are you running because this is already a thing in latest versions: 

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