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2022 database backwards compatible with 2020.8.80?

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My Son uses the older version, reading off my NAS. If I update a 2022 database, can he import it into 2020?

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If you are reading a single database off a NAS between 2 machines we would recommend to NOT do this because SQL databases are designed for local use only and you can have issues if you access it over a network due to the many small read/write operations needed, it can cause corruption of the database in some cases. 

Ideally you would use a server version of BaseHead which would manage the database centrally on a server and support multi-client access and also handle differences between versions and requests. This would possibly be overkill for your needs so simply maintaining a separate database on each machine that reads the files from your network would be the best way, both machines would access the same files and have the same metadata available. The only thing would be if you are editing metadata of files this will not reflect over all databases until you do a rescan for changed files. 

There shouldn't be any issues between 2020 and 2022 versions of BaseHead however it's not a recommendation I would make since there has been additional database improvements in later versions of BaseHead which could begin to cause issues. Ideally, you want versions to be within at least 12 months of each other so an update would be recommended. 

If you are simply creating/maintaining a database on your machine and then your son is copying that to his machine to access the files on the server You could simply create a backup of the db then test for yourself. It should be fine since the database is a standard unchanged structure, just adds additional optimization's and some extra tables that older versions may not support and be able to take advantage of (to improve search speeds) so cannot 100% say, just proceed with caution and make backups first. 

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5.0, 5.1, 5.2 all the way to 2022 all use the same 5.x DB format.
and like Jason said.  Keep the DB off a NAS cuz it will be slow as hell with all the tiny little journal files they use and SQLite is not designed to be shared.  You need BH Server to do that.

In the next major version of BH we will try and add built in SQLite Syncing for easy DB sharing but that won't come till the end of 2023.  😉 


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