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[Sticky] Notice on macOS & M1 Processors with latest 2022.5 Release

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Just a note on macOS and M1 compatibility. 

As is always the case, Apple don't always make everything easy for developers and while BaseHead is moving towards M1 compatibility, there are still some kinks to be straightened out. 

If you are a user of the Cloud Pack Manager (CPM) store you may have to launch BaseHead in Rosetta compatibility mode or you will see a "Degrader Error" due to a plugin used by CPM which is not yet M1 compatible. Running in Rosetta mode should resolve this and we are looking into possible fixes for this.

This same problem also affects the use of things like the M/S function in BaseHead and the use of plugins in the process panel. Lots of moving parts to make compatible for M1 processors and will be ongoing work so please get into the Betas when they release to let us know of any problems. 

Additionally, because of the differences between an M1 and Intel processor you may also find when running in M1 native mode that your license file is not being recognised when using a system bound license. A quick solution to this is to switch your license to "Floating Cloud" license on your BaseHead account which you can find out how to do here:


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