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BaseHead macOS BETA 2022.4 (M1 Apple Silicon version)

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We have a new macOS BETA (Universal) available to test and would love some feedback as we work on the final stages of M1 compatibility. 

This is a standalone beta version that you can download and run (may need to right-click and select OPEN). We suggest to not replace your current version, just launch this one after unzip and test out how it works.

We also have a full installer that is Apple code signed and includes a Reaper RPI and Cubase SKI plugin update so if you are integrating with Reaper or Cubase on an M1 you may need these updated plugins so download the full installer and choose to update the option to update the plugin from the installer.

UPDATE: New version posted on the Main Download Page

For CodeMeter users, just use the full installer posted as it contains new CM runtime libraries, just choose to install the CM version on install. 

Please Note: This version requires macOS 10.14+ now.

We especially are looking for feedback from M1 users as the new M1 native version should now work with other M1 native applications but note currently when running in native M1 mode the VST2 plugins are disabled. You can run BaseHead in Rosetta mode if you are a plugin user.

Full changelog:

  • M1 (Apple Silicon) Universal binary now
    IMPORTANT:  VST2 plugins are not compatible with M1 processors in this version. So if you need to use them run this new binary with the ‘Open using Rosetta’ option till we make a VST3 library to use.
  • macOS 10.13 Dropped like a hot potato.  It has reached EOL (End of Life) and is no longer supported by Apple anymore so only 10.14 or higher is supported now cuz too difficult to Support this OS and build with the latest development tools and add M1 (Apple Silicon) at the same time.
  • Process Panel: Fixed a preset saving issue for rack/monitor presets that could cause some complex modular type plugins to not save their state
  • Changed Mix Matrix to [speaker * chns].  This might cause distortion in UAD Apollos if I remember correctly from memory, but is way more correct for all other audio devices.
  • REAPER: RPI Plugin updated to v2022.4 to address spotting issue and also fix crashes when trying to spawn a second copy of Reaper.  Make sure to choose it to install in the full installer.
  • Collections: Added the ability to drag a collection into another collection as a sub-collection
  • Collections: new right click menu item “Make Root Collection” that takes any folder and brings it to be a Root Collection.
  • Removed old frameworks that are not compatible with M1 Processors that skinned the comboboxes and scroll bars and now using default macOS ones.
  • Since popup boxes and other controls are now set to macOS Standard controls.  We Highly recommend setting your Accent Color to “Graphite” for the best looking appearance now.
  • AAC plugin removed cuz they now play native in BaseHead now so no longer needed to play .mp4 files.
  • Cloudpacks: Optimizations done by not allowing reverse playback now since needs to scan to the end of file and makes things slooooowww.
  • Cubase 12 Support Added:  for spotting “S” and “X” added and ‘Follow Session Folder’.

Options Page: new option ‘Optimize for Cloud NAS’– Turn this ON if using services like LucidLink or Google Drive with File Streaming to speed things up.


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An official version is now posted on the Main Downloads Page