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this version has more CatID Categories Improvements and also a new Database Menu function ‘Refresh CatID Template Metadata’ that will check all existing files in your DB and update [category], [subcategory] and [short_id] if the CatID from the selected template is found on the front for UCS type naming.

You can also do broken searches in the Categories TAB now like "bo mo" and it will show Boats Motorboat in the Subcat list.



some changes so far....

    • New Major Feature: CPM Master DB 
    • BaseHead Server: CloudPacks were not added to the correct user account when using cubeSQL. This has been resolved.
    • Fixed: Linked search boxes were not showing results with Deep Search On
    • Thesaurus: Disabling thesaurus matches was not working on some systems.  Fixed now.
    • Fixed: Using the linked search boxes with a cubeSQL database would cause an error
    • Fixed: When doing a search the first result in the list would be out of view
    • Options Page Font Size/Style Selection moved to the Results List right click header now.
    • Batch Renamer “X” buttons that were missing on some rigs are showing again now.
    • CmStick versions might not have been CodeSigned in the last full installer but are now again for sure.
    • Build All Waveforms:  added tiny pause between record to fix Async issue
    • Cloud.key- improved Internet Pings
    • Rename Database: Cancel button fixed and also works with ESC to close it now
    • PeekTree: “Playlist” renamed to “History”
    • Browser Page: Metadata viewer (F3) now works on this page
    • Fixed: CPM window was opening half outside the screen on some systems. Should auto-centre now.
    • Database Menu: New function ‘Refresh CatID Template Metadata’


Download Link:


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