BETA Tester – Feature/Change List

New Major Changes
below is a partial list of new things already in the BETA, but there is still a gang of stuff still coming and ton of stuff in old BH not ported over yet also.

  • New High tech Cross-Platform Modular C# Framework that is at least 4x faster in many areas of the program by far now.
  • Coded from the ground up to be Massively Multi-Threaded, Modular, Flexible and future proof.
  • NodeTree: (formally the PeekTree) Can Stack Nodes in any order now
  • NodeTree: Up to 6 Snapshots can be Stored/Recalled  (Standard & Ultra)
  • QAP: 16 Channel Interleaved Support and Metering on the QAP
  • User Interface: Fully Rearrangeable with Docking (Ultra)
  • User Interface: Can Float just about any Panel now (Standard/Ultra)
  • User Interface: Can Personalize color theme with Saturation/Brightness/Contrast/Hue Sliders (Standard/Ultra)
  • User Interface: User Selectable Accent, Waveform and Meter Colors (Standard/Ultra)
  • User Interface: Four Standard Layouts to choose from now.
  • Search Blocks: Search, Folder, Lock, Thesaurus and Node Filter Blocks!
  • Search Blocks: added Starts With/Ends with…is Greater/Lesser and other new conditional options
  • Personalize: User Changeable System Sounds with separate volume and the ability to mute them completely. (Standard/Ultra)
  • User Interface: Less Intrusive Notifications that require less mouse clicks in a day by far.
  • Groups: Unlimited color choices and can now create directly on the PeekTree.
  • Waveform: Can Extract multiple channels now in any order and remove them also. (Standard & Ultra)
  • Waveform: Mouse over the channels dims other channels on the QAP
  • Waveform: Shows extracted channel names on buttons and on tracks as being extracted
  • Waveform: Extract buttons on the waveform with ability to overlay them on the top or bottom of it or hide.
  • Waveform: Shows Extracted channel names on right side
  • Waveform: Resolution now sample accurate when zoomed in.
  • Waveform: Timeline Resolution improved
  • Results List: Can have Multiple Results Lists now (Standard & Ultra)
  • Taglist: Multiple Taglists are also now possible that are saved as you work (Standard & Ultra)
  • Destructive Editing: Can make multiple edits now with Undo before Overwriting (Ultra)
  • Destructive Editing: Save File As…option now also. (Ultra)
  • Destructive Editing: Shows ‘Trim’ and ‘Delete’ buttons now when a selection is made (Ultra)
  • Destructive Editing: Displays dotted line where edits have been made (Ultra)
  • QAP: New ‘Masher’ button add that when toggled ON will drag and transfer as Interleaved instead of as Split channels
  • Rename Panel: Can choose a Batch Preset on Transfer page now.
  • Rename Panel: ‘CamelCase’ and ‘Un Camel Case’ options added now to both the Transfer and Batch Tabs.
  • CloudPack and HTTP file playback.

Major Things not in this version at the Moment but coming…
below is a rough list of old things we know you be missing and just want to assure that they are coming still along with many other things still not in the BETA 

  • Importing  (Use your old Databases for now for testing)
  • Imports and Groups features.
  • All Metadata Editing features, including editing Metadata directly on the Results List also now.
  • Burn In and Text File Import Panels
  • Plugin Rack on Process Panel  (We need to make a VST3 Library still and will take time)
  • Collections
  • The CPM (the Manager page is the only part currently added)
  • Screen Reader Support for Blind users
  • Eight User definable Database [fields]
  • A BaseHead Connect VST/AU/AAX plugin to replace ReWire.

Dropped Technology in this Version
below is some tech we dropped like a hot potato and will not return ever.

  • ReWire: We will have our own BaseHead Direct Connect Plugin to replace this horrible old tech.
  • CodeMeter (We will make our own pool-able licenses system that is lighter and more modern)
  • VST2 (Might be Replaced with VST3 in this version)
  • The Browser Page: and Instead a Browse feature will be added to the ‘Imports’ section instead.
  • BaseHead Server (cubeSQL): We will also make our own in house integrated version that works seamlessly and is more WFHer friendly then the current way. 
  • RAM Database:  Not needed now cuz default searching is way faster then a RAM DB Search in old BH.
  • LimeLM (Was used for Trial Mode and we will make our own to replace it)
  • Spotting to Generic Non-Hardwired DAWs (Sonar, Vegas, Fairlight, Samplitude, Sequoia, etc…)
    Basically, if they do not have an API, SDK or Scripting language it’s dropped now.
  • Pyramix Spotting support (If you use this shout and let us know and maybe we can put it back in)

Other Road Mapped Features planned for First Release
These are NOT guaranteed as we have already bitten off more then we can chew ATM.

  • Groups:  Ability to assign records to Multiple ‘Groups’
  • Split files flagged in Database while Importing and will be grouped in Results List with an expander arrow
  • Taglist: (In Progress now) We will store as parameter object to allow processing during transfers instead of when tagging.
  • Ability to make changes to the Database and write to files later.
  • Imports/Browser: Explode Imports to drill down them OR just auto-select in the new Browser Node.
  • Faders levels on the QAP mixer.  (Ultra)
  • License Pooling via our new system as we are ditching CodeMeter in this version.
  • Markers: Searchable Marker Tags in the Database
  • Pop-out larger timecode window with Spectrum Analyzer
  • Midi Triggering and Midi CC and maybe OSC Support
  • Active Directory Support

Not seeing something you hoped for?

If might still be coming still as the above is not complete, but if it was never put in the RequestBase OR maybe it never got upvoted much is another reason.  All Feature Requests should start in the RequestBase.